Oracle Regular Expressions

Equivalence class

A set of collating elements belonging to an equivalence class, as described in Collation Order. The class is expressed by enclosing any one of the collating elements in the equivalence class within bracket-equal (= =) delimiters.
[[=e=]] -> eèéêëEÈÉÊË

Named character classes

A character class is a set of characters belonging to a character class, as defined in the LC_CTYPE category in the current locale.
[[:alnum:]] -- Alphanumeric characters (same as [:alpha:] + [:digit:])
[[:alpha:]] -- Alphabetic characters only
[[:blank:]] -- Blank space characters, such as space and tab
[[:cntrl:]] -- Nonprinting or control characters
[[:digit:]] -- Numeric digits. Equivalent to \d
[[:graph:]] -- Graphical characters (same as [:punct:] + [:upper:] + [:lower:] + [:digit:])
[[:lower:]] -- Lowercase letters
[[:print:]] -- Printable characters
[[:punct:]] -- Punctuation characters
[[:space:]] -- Whitespace characters such as space, form-feed, newline,carriage return, horizontal tab, and vertical tab. Equivalent to \s
[[:upper:]] -- Uppercase letters
[[:xdigit:]] -- Hexadecimal characters

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